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Our new BigID® App makes Entity Screening in BigID® simple and cost-effective.

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Business Partner Screenings become increasingly important for every business around the world. With our BigID® App we now bring simple and cost-effective Business Partner Screening to BigID® customers.

BigID® is the leading platform to enable organizations to comply with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA and others around the world. BigID® scans, classifies, and catalogues data in organizations’ IT environments, and enables users to know where they handle personal data, and to whom that data belongs. This allows to automate data privacy related processes such as right to know (data subject access rights), reporting, data lifecycle management and risk management. To do this, BigID® can connect to and scan several IT systems such as databases, packaged applications (e.g. SAP®), cloud applications (e.g. NetSuite, Salesforce, Slack), and many others.

Our App for BigID® plugs into the BigID® platform and immediately gets access to data and names from all these applications connected to BigID®. Like this, the app can scan many systems for sanctioned parties, and leverages the connectivity already established by the BigID® system. With minimal effort to implement, just installing one additional App into BigID®, users now can increase compliance for KYC and AML processes and conduct business partner screening in large and heterogenous environments.

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AI-powered Screening

Name Matching is the real challenge in Sanctions & AML compliance. Our smart matching technology reduces false positives while preventing false negatives.

Industry leading name matching technology based on latest research and achievements in AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
Covers Transliteration issues, Nicknames, Spelling errors, Honorifics and many more 'real-world' matching challenges
Reducing significantly false positives while making sure no real matches slip through the cracks
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Sanctions and AML Compliance relevant for my business?

Global AML & KYC regulations are a complicated field to navigate especially for small and midsize businesses (SMB). Not only the complexity of the regulations itself make it difficult but often there are regulations from multiple countries or organizations to obey.

While the financial industry / financial institutions and other ‘high risk industries’ such as real estate have been required for a long time to have AML and KYC processes in place, many other industries only now face stricter regulations due to global widespread of Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering compliance requirements.

In general all businesses are required to adopt Sanctions- and AML compliance programs and for example check their customers / business partners against global Sanctions lists to understand the risk in doing business with their clients.

How can I test before subscribing?

We offer several ways for our customers to test our data and technology before committing to a subscription: 

1. Free Sanctions Check on our website
Check out our FREE Sanctions Lists Search right here on our website. Just enter a Name and see the results instantly.

2. Our free 7-day trial
Our FREE 7-Day Trial gives you unlimited access to our Sanctions database and also 20 PEP API calls for free. Just sign up for the trial right here (no worries, no credit card required). You can find the API documentation right in our customer portal as well as in our Knowledge Base.

Do you offer high-volume discounts?

Yes, we provide high-volume discounts for enterprise customers. Just schedule a call with our Customer Support team to discuss your use case and get an individual pricing proposal.

Why should we work with is a reliable partner who provides high-quality data, reliable technology, with the right partnering mindset:

Global Sanctions Lists
Data from global Sanctions Lists (United Nations, OFAC, Canada, EU, UK, Australia and many more), updated every 60 Minutes.

PEP Data
Our Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Database is based on an agenda of worldwide elections, covers more than 1M records and includes Judges, Military Personnel and close associates.

Crime Watchlists
More than 8k data records from Interpol and FBI, included for free in our Sanctions Data subscription.

API & Integrations
Use our RESTful API, our Exporter Option or one of our pre-built integrations for SAP, BigID or API3.

99.99%+ Uptime
Our API including all backend systems are Enterprise Ready with a 99.99%+ uptime and average response time < 200ms.

AI-based Screening Technology
Leading screening technology based on the latest achievements in NLP and AI. Fewer false positives while preventing false negatives.

A Heart for Developers
Extensive API documentation available on Swagger and our Knowledge Base. We also provide a full featured Sandbox environment for your testing

Start-up friendly
We know your pain & needs as a Start-Up. Our support and admin processes guarantee the responsiveness and flexibility you need.

Try before you buy
Try our free sanctions check on our website, our sandbox environment or sign up for a personal free trial.

More FAQs on our Documentation Hub