We Un-Break AML Screening

Smart AI-powered solutions for your sanctions & AML compliance screening needs. Zero false negatives, 90% reduction in false positives. Simple implementation in hours.

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Our Mission

We believe AML screening is broken: Intransparent pricing, underperforming technology that doesn't solve the actual pain points, and complicated contracts that don't address the flexibility customers need.

Our mission with sanctions.io is to provide a service that helps customers from regulated and unregulated industries solve their screening challenges with reliable data, smart technology, fair conditions, and transparent pricing. Our guiding principle is "Less, but better." focusing on simplicity and essentials.

Our Founding Team

Thorsten J Gorny
Co-founder & CEO
Technology leader with 20+ years of experience in the tech industry. Focus on Sales, Marketing and Customer Success.
Héctor Alvarez
Co-founder & CTO
Development leader with extensive background in the design and development of scaling software solutions.
Jens Kettler
Co-founder & CPO
Ex-SAP and former founder of SAP software partner REMEDYNE (acquired). Focus on Product, Partnerships and Alliances.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The product is amazing and the tech is tight. We integrated the sanctions.io API within a couple of days and now perform daily screenings of our entire customer base.

Dan Westgarth
COO, Deel Inc.

Sanctions.io combines robust, reliable and industry leading technology with hands on customer support. We implemented full passenger vetting in a matter of days and have had no issues with the API since inception.

Patrick O'Brian
Flight Operations & Business Development,
Innotech-Execaire Aviation Group

We couldn't be happier with sanctions.io. The team is super responsive to our requests for help. In short, total satisfaction!

Randy Trigg
Director of Information Management,
Global Fund for Women

Our experience with sanctions.io has been transformative for our compliance processes. Their reliable and comprehensive sanctions data feeds have provided us with the peace of mind that comes from knowing we're operating within international compliance standards.

Armand Brunelle
CTO, WeFi Technology Group LLC