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Complement your AML Screening with Criminal Watchlists Data

FBI and Interpol Data
Gain access to our comprehensive global Criminal Watchlists database covering more than 8k records.
Updated Every 60 Minutes
Mitigate sanctions risk with hourly data updates. Audit relevant timestamps for increased transparency.
Smart Matching Technology
Maximize the benefits of our screening technology: Significantly reduce false negatives and false positives, and boost accuracy.

FBI and Interpol Watchlists

FBI's Most Wanted & Fugitives

The FBI's Most Wanted list is maintained by the FBI and publicly available on their website. Removal from the list typically occurs only upon capture, death, or dropped charges.

Interpol Red Notices

A Red Notice serves as a global appeal to law enforcement for the provisional arrest of an individual pending extradition or similar legal actions. Red Notices are published by INTERPOL at the request of a member country and must comply with INTERPOL's Constitution and Rules. They are not international arrest warrants.

Smart Matching Technology

Our name matching technology leverages NLP and Machine Learning to overcome challenges in AML and sanctions screening, including diverse name phenomena and transliteration issues in non-Latin languages.

  • Industry-leading name matching technology based on latest research in AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

  • Covers transliteration issues, nicknames, spelling errors, honorifics, and many more 'real-world' matching challenges

  • Significantly reducing false positives while making sure no real matches slip through the cracks

Phonetic Similarity
Transliteration & Spelling
Semantic Similarity
Multiple Languages
Nicknames, Honorifics etc.

Solutions for Any AML and Sanctions Compliance Workflow

Real-Time Screening API

Our API enables real-time, event-driven sanctions and AML screenings with an average API response time of ~350m. Perfect for real-time onboarding and transaction screening use cases.

Batch Screening API

Screen hundreds to thousands of individuals or entities simultaneously against various watchlists using our batch screening API endpoint.

Manual Screening

Use our screening portal for manual screenings of your business partners or conduct batch screenings by simply uploading an Excel file with your data. Results are available in various formats via Email or directly in our user portal.


Easily integrate our solutions with various system environments using our pre-built connectors and Apps for SAP®, BigID® and many other services and systems.

What Our Customers Are Saying

The product is amazing and the tech is tight. We integrated the API within a couple of days and now perform daily screenings of our entire customer base.

Dan Westgarth
COO, Deel Inc. combines robust, reliable and industry leading technology with hands on customer support. We implemented full passenger vetting in a matter of days and have had no issues with the API since inception.

Patrick O'Brian
Flight Operations & Business Development,
Innotech-Execaire Aviation Group

We couldn't be happier with The team is super responsive to our requests for help. In short, total satisfaction!

Randy Trigg
Director of Information Management,
Global Fund for Women

Our experience with has been transformative for our compliance processes. Their reliable and comprehensive sanctions data feeds have provided us with the peace of mind that comes from knowing we're operating within international compliance standards.

Armand Brunelle
CTO, WeFi Technology Group LLC

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