New Name Matching Technology

Name Matching is the real challenge in Sanctions & AML compliance: Transliteration issues, Nicknames, Honorifics, Spelling errors etc. make name screening a challenge that can’t be solved with simple fuzzy algorithms.

For example, the cases below demonstrate just some of the various problems you can encounter in your screening process:

  • Matching a Russian name in Cyrillic script against a list of names in latin script
  • Various spelling variations a name can have after transliterating it into another language
  • Nicknames or Initials

Common Name Matching Problems

Our new API version helps with all these issues by utilizing the latest research and achievements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) of our technology partner Basis Technology. Basis Technology is a leader in the AI-based text analytics field and its technology is used by organizations such as Amazon, LinkedIn, U.S. Homeland Security and many more.

This technology helps reducing significantly False Positives while making sure that no real match slips through the cracks.

Find more information in our Knowledge Base, our API documentation or just reach out to our Customer Support for a quick demo.

New Sanctions Lists and API Features

Since our initial API version 1.0 we have released in total 9 new API versions where we not only added new Sanctions Lists but also a number of helpful new features and data fields for Vessels, Aircraft and Crypto Wallet Addresses.

See our API documentation for all the new data sources and features.

Up to 5x faster API responses

We also continued working on optimizing our infrastructure and we are happy to announce that we could improve our API response time in version 2.0 by up to 5 times. More information about our infrastructure etc. can be found on our Knowledge Base.